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Why WE-OC Matters?

WE-OC exists to inspire women to prosper into more evolved entrepreneurs, together.

We have entered an era where women are taking more risks and being more courageous in going after their dreams and the success they seek. Women are awakening to their potential of being small business owners. While there are more women than ever starting and leading businesses, female entrepreneurs still face some unique and persistent challenges.

Female Entrepreneurs are still experiencing entrepreneurial poverty — Lack of self-confidence, support, time, funding, and sales. WE-OC is committed to eradicating entrepreneurial destitution, so female entrepreneurs never have to live with this lack.

WE-OC is a connected and collaborative community that gives every female entrepreneur access to an influential network, resources, mentorship, support, guidance, and learning to accelerate the path toward successful entrepreneurship, abundance, and prosperity.

Hear It From OurFounding Members

Kathleen Ries-Jubenville

High Performance Business Coach

Candice Engel

Virtual Solutions

Orange County Impact


OC is in the nation for number of women-owned businesses


Women-owned businesses in OC alone generate over $4.8 Billion


Female business owners in OC


In the WE-OC Community

We Believe That Women Are Better And Stronger Together

We are looking for collaborative, supportive, and successful women in Orange County and surrounding areas to join us in this inclusive and diverse community of professional female founders and decision makers, so we can continue to catapult the movement of women supporting women.

How WE-OC Is Different?

WE-OC was founded with intention to help propel women forward in every area of life and business.

WE-OC is far from another networking group. We are more. We do more. We consistently strive for more.
Everything we do intentionally supports and showcases our member community.

Our Community

Our curated influential network of like-minded women (and men) share a mission to help each other succeed in every area. WE-OC offers a remarkable community of peers who understand what you are going through.

Our Circles

Whether it is the Wealth and Abundance Circle, the Self-Love Circle, the WomanSpeak Circle, the Book Circle, or the Travel Circle, there is something for every woman to propel her forward personally, professionally, financially, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Our Events

Our events intentionally provide every member with proper education, effective relationship building, endless referrals and leads, and fun socializing.

Our Conferences, Masterminds, and Workshops

Every WE-OC conference, mastermind or workshop provides access to experienced entrepreneurs and founders. They open the door to a knowledgeable community, advancement, personal and professional development, as well as amplification opportunities for exposure to all our members.

What Our Members Are Saying About WE-OC

A Note FromThe Founder


“My life’s work is driven from past experience. Most of my life I have struggled to find women to support, guide, and lift me in life and in business. If you have been there, I have been right in your shoes! I made a promise to myself early on in my career that I will be the one to advocate for every woman because women have the power to change the world if they do it together. My goal is to inspire women to work collectively and collaboratively to shine, thrive, and prosper. I want every woman in this community to feel like she is supported, nurtured, and celebrated.

Whether you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, accelerating your business to higher levels, or just starting your business, you need to be a part of a connected community. The kind that holds you up, supports you and propels you forward, not just for you but for all women.

WE-OC is that community, and I hope you consider joining us in this vibrant and dynamic community that has become my family.”

Mirna Bard
Founder of WE-OC

Join As A Member to Give Back and Impact Other Female Entrepreneurs

Through our WEFundWomen™ Legacy Program, we give a percentage of profits to help female entrepreneurs who do not have an opportunity to be funded by investors or may not be able to get a loan through banks and other institutions. When you join as a member, you are making tremendous impact by helping other women grow their business and prosper in life.

Our Generous Partners Help Make It Happen For WE-OC

“The Complete Woman’s Guide to Networking Your Way to Profits In Any Economy (Even In A Pandemic, Recession Or Depression)

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