About WE-OC

Our Story

WE-OC Founder, Mirna Bard has been right in your shoes. Her passion for inspiring women comes from personal experience and challenges of finding the right guidance and mentorship in her entrepreneurial path.

In her pursuit of entrepreneurship and financial freedom, Mirna struggled to find the women that would support and mentor her through life and business. After much disappointment from being turned down from women whom she reached out to for mentorship, she turned to male mentors for business guidance and support for many years.

Learning from life experiences, Mirna vowed to always be an advocate for women and would support every woman who asked her for mentorship. She believes that if women support and lift each other, they can catapult their success, rise to the top, and make the world a better place.

Mirna Bard founded WE-OC from a place of heart, passion, and understanding of the importance of personal, professional, and financial independence for women, which now fuels into the work she does for the WE-OC community.

Our Mission

We exist to inspire women to prosper into more evolved entrepreneurs, together.

Our Vision

One day, together with female entrepreneurs we will eradicate entrepreneurial destitution — Lack of confidence, support, time, funding, and sales.

Our Credo

  • We collaborate. It trumps competition.
  • We connect and build relationships first. Business second.
  • We practice radical giving, sharing and empathy.
  • We roll up our sleeves daily to serve, support, inspire, and nurture.
  • We do what we say we are going do. Integrity is our heart and core.
  • We create the remarkable, own our greatness, and thrive on our own terms.
  • We amplify and celebrate each other’s voices.
  • We co-create an environment built on trust and respect.
  • We are curious and courageous. Our comfort zone lulls us to sleep.
  • We have all that we need in this community to reach our fullest potential.
    • – If you need something, Ask.
    • – If you have something, Offer.

We Are Stronger And Better, Together.


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