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“Supporting women-owned businesses is one small, yet impactful way to increase awareness and ultimately drive more traffic to their businesses. However, helping other women, especially through business organizations, fills my soul. I love to see women grow into the best versions of themselves and take their businesses to the next level. And when they are participating and engaging in a community like WE-OC this is exactly where it happens.”

“Women are a powerful leadership force in today’s business world; from running the boardroom to founding and leading top-performing businesses, yet we often lead differently than men and have different needs for community and cross collaboration. Organizations like WE-OC are vital in that they enable women entrepreneurs to succeed across all industries and roles. When women engage, collaborate, and support one another as professionals, there’s no limit to the amount of impact we can have on this world.”

“WE-OC and other communities serving women entrepreneurs are integral to a founder’s success. I credit these relationships with my ability to rapidly scale businesses I’ve created, and I continue to count on the wisdom of peers who have ‘been there, done that’ before as a I navigate exciting new concepts and opportunities.”


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