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Our Partners Open The Doors To Opportunity and Prosperity

When you partner with WE-OC, you create opportunities to engage with one of the fastest growing business segments. You activate the process of permanent success for female entrepreneurs. And you connect your brand to a unique, trusted womens’ organization.

Through the generous support of our giving partners, WE-OC will continue to define itself as a premier community for women entrepreneurs in Southern California on a mission to inspire women to prosper into more evolved entrepreneurs.

Together, we will eradicate entrepreneurial destitution for every female entrepreneur — Lack of confidence, support, time, funding, and sales.

Ways To Partner With Our Community


The WE-OC WEFundWomenTM Legacy Program helps fund female entrepreneurs who do not have the opportunity to be funded by investors or may not be able to get a loan through banks and other institutions.

Our donors will be part of a larger mission to affect change for women-owned businesses.

Sponsoring Partnerships

Our Sponsoring Partners are vital in helping us serve our members and the business community as a whole. We are committed to offering our sponsoring partners value and effective custom sponsorship packages, developed to fit their company’s business and branding needs.

Collaboration Is What We Do Best

We know that collaboration brings people and organizations closer together, helps us learn from each other, inspires innovation, and opens new channels to success.

If you have a brilliant collaboration idea to share with us, do not hold back. We look forward to being inspired by your fresh ideas.


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