Win the Hearts of Female Entrepreneurs. Help Fund The Impact They Make.

Through our WEFundWomenTM Legacy Program, we are committed to impacting underserved female entrepreneurs who need funding to build businesses that impact the world.

“Just 2.2% of all venture capital in the U.S. goes to companies founded solely by women. In addition, companies with all-male founders receive funding after their first round close to 35% of the time. For companies with female founders, that number is less than 2%. It’s no wonder that only 2% of women owned businesses ever make it to $1 million in revenue, which is 3.5 times less than their male counterparts.” – Forbes 2019

WE-OC intends to change this landscape by giving back 5% of profits plus the funds from donations to go into WEFundWomenTM. This fund will help female entrepreneurs who do not have an opportunity to be funded by investors or may not be able to get a loan through banks and other institutions.

To continue this initiative and create a movement that makes a lasting impact on future generations, the awarded female agrees to give 2.5% of her profits each year to fund another female entrepreneur.

If you wish to donate to WEFundWomenTM, you may do so as a one-time donation or monthly subscription in any increment.

We appreciate your generosity!

In $5 increments, limit $999.

If you are a female entrepreneur looking for funding, you may contact us for more information.


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